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April 02, 2011



I haven't been knitting, either. I started a lace shawl in January for some friends, and it has sucked the mojo out of me. First, it's a slog (and I found an error in the pattern). Second, I've been so busy and had some rough stuff going on, so I haven't even felt like knitting. Blurgh. It'll come back! The cowl looks lovely on you.


The cowl looks beautiful! Casting on for a new project always gets my knitting mojo back! :)


gorgeous as always!! Sorry to hear of your yarn diet:)..You look fabulous and all of your FO's are most stunning!


I recognize that last time I've been knitting was long time ago, when I was 14 I guess, but since then never do that. Maybe I'll have the courage and start a new piece :D


that cowl is awesome honey. You are truly an artist.

Claudette Benavitch

It is a lovely piece ! What a wonderful blend of colors. You have so many passions, that you do so well. I'm confident that your love for spinning, & the touch of yarn will call you. The work from your hands is delightful !

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