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April 26, 2011


barefoot rooster

First of all -- you look GORGEOUS. These pictures are fantastic. And hooray for dogs who learn how to behave like grown-up dogs while playing like puppies. More to share, you say...?!


This blog entry needs a "love" button I can click on. Love the new look hon!!!!


Happy happy birthday! Your haircut looks lovely.


Oh my goodness! The hair looks absolutely stunning. I love it! This is such a happy post: you had a fantastic birthday, you and your husband are the cutest ever, and you look fantastic. Yay!


Right on, Laura. Happy to read this and so fun to see the new 'do.

Claudette Benavitch

AWESOME !! The new look fits you very well. Is anyone surprised that you wouldn't make it happen just so? Anxious to see all your new wardrobe pieces..you always look nice !


WOW..I didn't think you could possible look anymore beautiful..but your hair is absolutely beautiful..so very flattering..I'm sure your wardrobe is as lovely but..you're so cute you'd look good in daisy dukes and tank top...Happy Belated Birthday..29 is a great year..I truly tried to stay there for about 3 years until a friend reminded me I was 32:)
Stay well!

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