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June 26, 2011


barefoot rooster

love all these pictures -- and that one of the two of you is ADORABLE. sounds like you had a great trip -- and your hair! so fantastic.


I agree with Amy; that is a fantastic photo of you and Salmaan! You're also getting quite good with your camera; love the photo of the snake grass!


Ah! I wasn't expecting so much...me, but your emulation of a hood ornament wins every time. ;)

Such a fun visit -- so good to see you both. Thank you for a wonderful day and the birthday sendoff. I am so glad everything came together so we could rendezvous during your trip. (Say, is that picture of you and Salmaan the one I took? So glad to see it turned out 'cause I had no idea what I was doing with that camera. And, I knew my internetting would pay off: the hip converted garage space is JM Cellars.

Looking forward to your next trip so we can cross paths again!


What a fun trip it looks like you had! I really need to make time to poke around in that part of the world soon.

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