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January 11, 2014


Ellie Putz

Not sure if you remember me (I used to be Crazy4Dyeing), anyway, congratulations on your pregnancy. I suspect you will be an awesome mother! I had much the same attitude as you have. I especially hated it when I was pregnant with my second child and my first child was only 9 months old. Naysayers said I was "in for it" and asked "why have another child so soon?" None of anyone's business really!
Parenthood is full of doubts and pleasures, pain and joy. I always tried to focus on the joy and the pleasure (not always successfully) but I have little patience with people today who wring their hands over the smallest challenges of parenthood. Yes, you will make sacrifices, but will do so lovingly and without jealousy, and one day you will have wonderful grown-up children who will treat you with love, respect and wonder at how you did it all...like I do. Then you will know true joy at a job well done.


Amen! I get so irritated with the "you'll see" attitude and the "you can't possibly know anything because you're not a parent." Yay for positivity and for entering parenthood with grace.

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